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Crisis Security

The need for professional crisis security personnel during a disaster is well documented. Local providers are not a reliable source for these assets because their personnel are victims of disaster themselves. Bringing in security personnel from outside the area creates its own set of problems with all available lodging and food resources being used by FEMA assets. What options are available?

Huffmaster can deploy professional crisis security personnel as fully self sufficient units equipped with not only generators, food, fuel and water, but with sleeping, shower and restroom facilities. We have programs to place personnel and equipment on retainer and have them dedicated to your needs should a disaster strike. Huffmaster can provide mobile command posts equipped with video surveillance, satellite voice communications and internet access to insure professional security is maintained.

Don’t spend your time determining how to house, feed and equip your security provider in the middle of a disaster. With more than 45 years of experience in crisis security and management, you can depend on Huffmaster’s Keeping Business in Business™ experience to provide a solution for you.

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