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Basecamp Support

With our portable housing, mobile kitchens, showers, refrigerator trucks, laundry trailers and portable medical facilities we have the ability to set up a virtual self-supporting city in just a few hours. We can provide hot running water where none is available and emergency food when sanitation and supplies are non-existent. Throughout our history, Huffmaster and its partners have brought emergency response to such numerous large-scale disasters including hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and forest fires.

We have disaster support programs to place personnel and equipment on retainer and have them dedicated to your needs should a disaster strike.

Whether it’s a natural disaster, fire or terrorist event, we have the ability to mobilize our fleet within hours. Other providers may say they can do what we do, but Huffmaster and its partners have the proven history and professional experience it takes to respond successfully under pressure with these disaster support services.

Huffmaster has partnered with OK’S Cascade Company:

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