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Tornado Recovery Plan

The threat of a tornado is a widespread problem for many businesses. Tornados can happen virtually anywhere. In fact, the only continent that does not experience tornados is Antarctica. While some areas have a higher threat of tornados disasters, it is important for every business owner is be prepared for the dangers of a natural disaster. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), there were 1,691 tornados within the United States last year. On average, 1,274 tornados occur within the U.S every year. Within the United States, centrally located states experience the highest risk of tornado disasters. However, last year served as a reminder that states across the country should have a tornado disaster plan in place. Southeast states experienced devastating destruction from a series of tornados, ruining thousands of homes and businesses. The reality is that most businesses lack the appropriate planning to recover after a natural disaster strikes. In fact, more than 70% of businesses fail to reopen following a hurricane or other related disasters. With Huffmaster’s disaster planning, your company will be prepared for natural disasters. Our team of skilled experts will construct a plan to ensure daily operations continue, even if disaster strikes. We will take the necessary steps to protect your business from revenue loss and keep your team safe throughout the process. Our motto is “Plan for the Worst, Work with the Best ™.” Huffmaster is the nation’s leading crisis management resource. For more information about crisis security at Huffmaster, please contact…Continue Reading

Hurricane Recovery Plan?

Natural disasters, such as hurricanes, have the potential to leave businesses in devastating conditions. Without a hurricane disaster plan, companies are threatened with the possibility of never recovering from the ruin left behind. In fact, more than 70% of businesses fail to reopen following a hurricane or other related disasters. Implementing a plan before a hurricane disaster hits can save your business extensive revenue loss and time. Huffmaster can help your business construct a strategic hurricane disaster plan to meet the specific needs of your location. With more than 45 years of experience, Huffmaster understands the steps required to keep your business operational after a hurricane disaster.   Our team of experts will work with each client to create a disaster plan or We will analyze and adjust the current hurricane disaster plan as necessary, continuously updating it to accommodate your location’s needs. Lastly, Huffmaster’s team will test the hurricane disaster plan and fully train your team to ensure they are ready if a tragedy strikes. Past hurricanes, such as Hurricane Katrina, have indicated that many businesses are not prepared for the possibility of a disaster. Huffmaster has designed a Disaster Readiness Tool to help examine the efficiency of your current hurricane disaster plan. With Huffmaster, you are ensured that a hurricane disaster will not destroy the future of your business.  If a disaster strikes, our team will respond quickly to protect your business and quickly recover from the damage. We offer a comprehensive range of Hurricane Disaster Solutions including: Disaster…Continue Reading

Flood Recovery Plan? Crisis Security for Flood Disaster

At Huffmaster, our motto is to “Plan for the Worst, Work with the Best.” The only way to be prepared when flood disaster strikes is to have a plan in place.  The worst thing that can be done in dealing with a flood disaster is nothing. Being prepared to recover afterward will not eliminate the devastation but it will provide hope and a light at the end of the tunnel. Without a detailed flood disaster recovery plan in place, your company could be among the more than 70% of businesses that fail to re-open following flooding or other related disasters.  For that reason, many companies rely on Huffmaster for Flood Disaster Planning and Crisis Response Services.Huffmaster has more than 45 years of experience in Crisis Security and Management which has earned us the reputation as the nation’s leading Crisis Security and Management resource. Huffmaster’s Crisis Security and Flood Disaster Management Solutions are available as individual components to supplement existing programs or as a complete package ready to cover you from the planning phase and all the way through the initial response and post-event recovery phases.  Prior to a flood disaster emergency, we assist with all aspects of creating a flood disaster recovery plan.  Once a crisis occurs, we respond quickly and arrive with the command, communications and security resources needed to protect your property and begin your recovery. We offer a comprehensive range of Flood Disaster Solutions including: Disaster Planning Crisis Security Base Camp Support Power & Refueling Services Temporary…Continue Reading

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