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Basecamp Support with Huffmaster

When a natural disaster has struck, it’s difficult to recuperate and get things back to their normal state. The process can easily get overwhelming and stressful. At Huffmaster, our motto is “Plan for the Worst, Work with the Best.” Our disaster services work to ensure that your business can recover as efficiently and quickly as possible.

With Huffmaster, you will get the knowledge and experience necessary to re-open after a natural disaster strikes. Before a disaster happens, clients can use our disaster readiness tool to analyze how prepared they are for a natural disaster.  Within our analysis, Huffmaster will evaluate the specific needs of your location to determine exactly what will be required to ensure your business can reopen after a disaster. This will help Huffmaster construct a disaster plan that will be implemented if a natural disaster occurs.

Because we are able to plan for disasters before they strike, Huffmaster can secure the necessary personnel and equipment to help you through the disaster recovery process. If disaster hits, we will deploy basecamp support to your location within hours. Basecamp support will deliver everything necessary to support, house and sustain you and your personnel while you recover from a natural disaster.

Through our Basecamp Support, we can provide:

  • Portable housing
  • Power & Fueling
  • Mobile kitchens
  • Showers
  • Refrigerator Trucks
  • Laundry Trailers
  • Portable medical facilities

For more information about our Basecamp Support or to discuss your specific needs, contact Huffmaster’s Disaster Services Division at 800.446.1515.

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